Erik & The Working Shiba

Erik Gerner

Erik has worked with many different dogs, cats and other animals over the past 25 years. He is experienced in working with difficult dogs in all sizes and breeds. With his calm and assertive behavior, Erik is in total control when working with his pack and always presents himself as the leader when handling or walking the pack or your pup. Erik can deal with difficult situations with great care, precision and quick reflexes. He is attentive and observant of all behaviors dogs display and is able to circumvent any aggression or negative behaviors before they can escalate or even happen.  Many friends and families have been educated and trained by Erik over the years to handle their newly rehabilitated pets. 

Junha (You-Nah)

Junha aka ‘The Working Shiba’  is a 2 year old female Shiba Inu. She has been a professional dog behaviorist since being adopted in November 2016. Junha‘s skill sets includes correcting over excited greetings and nervous behaviors. She also encourages proper walking habits with her calm and assertive energy. Junha can also ’Sit’, give a ‘High five’, ’Lie down’ and give ‘kisses’ 😽

Team Shiba

Joe Harrington

Joe is a recent graduate from Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) with an MS in Environmental Sustainability, Health and Safety Management. He grew up in a small town surrounded by many different types of animals and has experience handling everything from a bunny to a horse. Respecting all life, he recognizes the importance of keeping animals healthy, well mannered and obedient while cleaning up after them and properly disposing of their waste.  Joe’s calm and assertive behavior is ideal in teaching our pets the proper behaviors and social skills needed, and our pets have respond well to his energy.  At the moment, Joe does not own a pet, so the abundance of love he has for animals will be showered onto each and every one of our pets during his therapy sessions. 


Dalton is a 3 year old Husky mix who brings a ton of excitement to the team! His larger prescence comes in handy for the bigger overeactive dogs who play and socialize at too high a level. Dalton also works well with nervous dogs by being a calm prescence while the nervous dogs deals with large or loud objects.  Nervous dogs will stop their high level reacting when Dalton does not, as they understand from him the objects and/or sounds are not a threat.  Dalton also has the stamina needed to work with over a dozen dogs or more a day, with his tail pointing to the stars all day long!  Dalton’s obedient behavior and his happy attitude make him a valuable animal behaviorist and a big part of the Working Shiba team! 🐕

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The Working Shiba

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